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This is a typical example of the donor vehicle you will need. A 1999 - 2002 Jaguar S type V6 manual.

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Download a full list of donor parts used

You can use the 2.5 but the 3.0 is better. It might have an image as a sedate tourer but what lies underneath is some very juicy engineering.


Many of the design elements have been carried through to the current high performance Jaguars so you can be sure that the mechanical components going in to your Venom S have a quality and performance heritage.

The Jaguar V6 engine is part of a family of engines which range in capacity from 2.0 [ used in the X Type ] through to 3.7 used in the US Mustang.

The engine is an all alloy V6 24 valve quad cam. One big bonus is that the cams are chain driven so no belt replacement to worry about. Valve clearances are shimmed very much like a high performance motorcycle engine. The internals are very high quality and these engines can easily do 150k plus miles. 

Standard output is a healthy 240 BHP and this can be taken fairly easily to 280 BHP and more with further tuning. 

Transmission is a 5 speed by Getrag with the bellhousing and casing in aluminium. We supply a rebuilt single piece propshaft on an exchange basis. 

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Jaguar V6 AJ30  simply one of the best engines ever made

Jaguar designers made extensive use of aluminium to reduce weight and thereby increase performance. The engine crossmember, and all the arms and uprights from the double wishbone front and rear suspension are made in aluminium. 

Large brakes are fitted as standard so there is no need for expensive upgrades. 

the subframe design approach used by Jaguar makes dismantling the donor easier and the assembly on to your Venom S chassis really quick. The front subframe is attached with only 8 bolts. The rear with only 4 bolts.

Service parts are inexpensive eg a pair of brake discs £40. Donor cars have often been well maintained and its common to find them with an extensive service record. expect to pay £750 - £1200 for a good donor.  

the Jaguar components combine with the lightweight Venom S chassis to provide a car with real performance, thats rewarding to build and that will give many hours of driving pleasure.