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CreativeSportscars is a family business based in Warrington in North West England and was started in 2011

When I had the opportunity to start CreativeSportsCars it was with the aim of producing products that are

  • Exciting and different
  • Easy as possible to build with basic tools.
  • Practical
  • Offer excellent value for money

I really believe our first product in the Venom S has achieved those aims. I believe we are the first company to use the Jaguar S Type as a donor car and we hope to introduce more cars in the future based on the S Type platform.

CreativeSportsCars purchased the body moulds and rights to the Venom in 2011. Although Venom S uses the original Venom body parts, that is where the connection ends. All of the underskin engineering was done exclusively by CreativeSportsCars and is unique to the Venom S.

Mike Keoghan

Managing director

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Mike Keoghan - founder of CreativeSportsCars